Multidisciplinary Teams

GIBB own staff is recruited and mobilized to perform in house the required level of demand for each awarded contract. When necessary, this multi-disciplined team is supported by external highly qualified experts or academics, some of them with successful cooperation for more than two decades.

With a large range of public, private and institutional clients, this has proved to be the best organization format to attend the largest frame of engineering areas, as they are civil, mechanical, electrical, environment, foundations and geotechnical engineering. In addition, architectural and management services can also be provided by GIBB whenever this is a specifically award or a scope requirement.

equipa - Engenharia Civil
Civil Engineering
equipa - Engenharia Mecânica
Mechanical Engineering
equipa - Engenharia Electrotécnica
Electrical Engineering
equipa - Engenharia do Ambiente
Environmental Engineering
equipa - Engenharia Geotécnica
Geotechnical Engineering
equipa - Arquitectura
equipa - Técnicos de Apoio
Technical Support
equipa - Gestão