Market Sectors

Historically recognized as a Consulting and Design company – and this is in fact its core business, GIBB has also developed a Project and Construction Management department with high level resources, implementing in house enough capacity to attend these market requirements, whenever any intervention of this kind does not conflict with his main condition of Consultant and Designer. This has been accomplished with relevant success in different fields of intervention for all kind of public and private clients.

With this organization format and an extended approach, GIBB is ready to provide – with its own resources or external consultants and experts when necessary or required, what has decided to define as integral solutions for any project in any of the following:

áreas de actividade - ambiente
Project and Construction Management
áreas de actividade - Direcção de Projectos e Gestão de Obras
Hydraulics and Water Resources Design
áreas de actividade - Hidráulica e Recursos Hídricos
Transport Infrastructure Design
áreas de actividade - Infraestruturas de Transporte