Pursuing the development of all kind of concepts and solutions to fully accomplish the needs and the programs of its private or public clients, it is a guideline for GIBB to attend these specific requirements for each project or expertise.

Through the mobilization of the best resources and information technologies, three basic “s” rules to reach high performance and efficient results in its creative activity are always present - keep it simple, smart and standard.

Additionally, but still relevant to attend the best claims of other agents and business players, some extra and particular purposes make also part of GIBB mission and concerns, as they are:

Social and Institutional Values, Economics and Environmental

Share Holders Satisfaction with Financial Return, Image and Reputation

Continual Training, Integration and Mobilization of its Staff

Strategic or Formal Alliances with Business Partners


GIBB identity and its national and international market presence, are guided by a set of values and principles in which its corporate culture is based and its mission tack is defined. Each client is above all a very particular business partner to be served with high quality performances and professional respect. Innovation capability within the norms and certifications framework, it is the challenge and the only way to build with each client a solid foundation of mutual trust and loyalty.


Promoting professional training, integration and motivation of its staff, reinforcing coalitions with business partners.


Meeting all the challenges, fully committed with principles of loyalty, accuracy and integrity.


Fulfilling its commitments with clients, vendors and sub-contracted, consolidating genuine and lasting relationships, fostering fidelity.


Finding in innovation the groundwork to provide high standard services complying with norms, qualifications and certifications, looking for client’s utmost satisfaction