Within the frame defined by the above listed areas of activity, GIBB provides for each of them the most relevant and challenging engineering services, fully attending the specified scope and interest of associated agents.

Due to its specific nature, the area of Project and Construction Management enables faster mobilization and easier adjustment of the teams, than Design services do. And that is why the range of services provided by GIBB when managing projects or construction, is wider and more diverse than in the core areas of studies and design development. These last ones are definitely more selective and framed, as it can be seen in the following services description.

Environmental Impact Assessments

Environmental Strategic Evaluations

Soil Contamination Studies and Surveys

Environmental Diagnosis and Audits

Environmental Site Control & Certifications

Transportation Projects

Dams and Hydraulic Projects

Wind Farms


General Assistance and Due Diligence

Dams and Hydraulics

Water Supply Systems

Agricultural Hydraulics and Irrigation Systems

Water Resources Planning and Management

Sanitation, Drainage and Sewerage Systems

Conventional Railway

High Speed Railway

Roads and Motorways


Port Terminals and Container Yards